Little Coffee anyone?

This morning I host 19 photographers for a little coffee and sharing at Two on Earth Bakery in Pineville, NC. We have lots of fun sharing photos, asking for critiques, hearing about new PS techniques and on and on. It’s a great time to connect with other photographers and talk about our passion and just learn a little more about each other.

Here’s a little wabi sabi for your morning. I am going to post some photos that probably won’t make it to my website but that I like none the less. This old piano was very intriguing for me as it was on the front porch of an abandoned house. It begs to ask the question why someone just walks away leaving, to some, valuable things. One of the reasons I love abandoned or forgotten photography is finding these treasures and walking away with my photo and the nagging question…why?

See ya soon with a peek at what’s on the other side of my lens.

– Terie

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