Hidden Treasures

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There is so much packed in a 1″ space that it boggles the mind. There are flowers so tiny that you can only see them with a macro lens. Here it is a blustery 30 something degrees and there are tiny little flowers blooming as well as fragile mushrooms and other little beauties thriving in the cold. How is that possible? Everything else that is 1000 times bigger than them are dormant or dead either put to sleep by the cold or just killed by it.
As I plopped down on the ground, target what I think I’m going to shoot, look through my lens, start to focus…well it’s like I’m Gulliver. Right there, hidden in plain view are wayyyy more living things than I ever imagined. I’m half expecting some tiny little woodsmen riding on tiny little critters to come out and start taking target practice at my lens. I spend probably 30 minutes or more in one spot, it’s a lesson in patience for sure. The one constant thing about nature photography and particularly macro is patience. Now I always thought I was a patient person but in photography…well let’s just say I was lacking and leave it at that. I now know that I could possibly cover an area of less than 200 feet and spend an hour or two photographing. Crazy huh? I’ve actually fallen in love with the McDowell Nature Preserve, and to think I’ve lived here all my life and only now am I enjoying all it has to offer. To be able get out with other photographers, who also get excited at the prospects of lingering in the tiny landscapes of nature and then sharing those photos with others to see, is an ineffable feeling.
What?? you’re going on a hike…look for me, I’ll be the one sprawled out on the ground with three long legs and a Nikon protruding from my forehead.

Tiny nature  1874.jpgTiny nature  1871.jpgTiny nature  1872.jpgTiny nature  1873.jpgTiny nature  1875.jpg

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