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I walked around the conservatory slowly perusing the plant life looking for something different to photograph. I was not in the mood for flowers but was looking more for shapes, lines or something hidden in the design of a plant. I was not having much success and really found some of the things I wanted in the succulent area.
Problem #1 is I couldn’t quite get my tripod where I needed it to be because I would be in the actual beds. Problem #2 is my 105mm lens wouldn’t get me close enough either to get a tight shot from the aisle I was in. Now combine those two issues and well I was getting frustrated to say the least. I wanted this shot of a large leaf with some tiny flowers on the edges, but I just couldn’t figure a way to do it. I ended up taking a few thinking I might be able to crop them. I had to finally walk away because I realized I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. I ventured outside to see if by chance I could find anything interesting out there. Well that was a bust so back to the conservatory and yes you’re correct if you think I went right back over to the succulent area again. I ran into 4 other photographers and we lamented about how we all seemed to be looking for that special plant to photograph. They headed out and I headed back over to the succulents.
I thought if I just look hard enough I can figure this out. I opened my tripod up and put one leg on a rock that was part of the display, moved it around and finally found a spot. Now the dilemma is can I actually get a shot that I want. So I’m standing there looking at every angle when…there he is a tiny little lizard sitting in the cup of a succulent leaf. I nearly had a heart attack. Now I’m a little frantic, will he stay there until I get my camera in the right spot and focused on him. Remember this is not a zoom lens and everything is in manual, so I have to move the tripod and lens where I want it and then manually focus everything while this little guy is sitting there patiently almost as if he is waiting… “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” I was the one in a panic and he was just sitting there watching me. I probably took 15 photos, moving the tripod, getting the camera closer and he just sat there. Great story right? So what do I take away from this little experience you ask? Once again nature is showing me how to slow down and really look at my environment. If I had not come back to that spot and studied how I might actually get the photograph I was looking for in those succulents, I would have never met my little muse. A tiny little green guy who blended right into the leaf and seemed content in watching me contort myself and my tripod to capture his little face. There is so much to see in the tiny world of nature but if we never stop and really take the time to look around we miss it all. Thank you Mother Nature for teaching this old girl the virtues of patience and the art of slowing down. Now Henry (yes I named him) watch for me, I’ll be back and hopefully have the chance to capture you once again, after all you are one handsome
little guy.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned to see what’s on the other side of my lens.

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  1. Peter February 22, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    Nice write up on Henry. I knew you were gettig a bit frustrated wanting to shoot something different. I remember seeing Henry, or his cousin, a few months ago, hopping I would see him again, but no such luck this time. You are right, patience and slowing down really works. I think we all had a good day anyway. Peter

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