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Instead, I had a better surprise awaiting me that I hadn’t prepared for. I got a private email about some of my “abandoned” photography from another local photographer. She told me of a couple of houses she had been wanting to shoot but she was reluctant to go on her own, which I totally understood. You never know what might be lurking in those places or possibly taking the wrong step only to fall through the floor or worse.
I was excited about the prospect of checking out some new ‘old’ places, meeting and photographing with another photographer who loves abandoned places too. I told her I would love to come along and the date was set. Another photographer (whose logo I had the pleasure of designing) decided to come along too. I knew this would be a great time.
The houses were close together so we were able to park, photograph one and then walk to the other.
The first house I thought was going to be a bust because it really didn’t seem have that much to look at, but then we saw a stairway. The second floor, at some point, caught fire so that makes for an interesting find. As I climbed the stairs and walked into one of the small room I was struck by an upholstered chair sitting between two windows. The windows had no glass, with a view to the woods. This is where I stopped and wondered how this scene evolved. How did one chair get left behind in this room and how has it survived the elements and appears to be waiting on someone to sit and enjoy the view?
The next room was a little more worse for wear but it had one leather rocker sitting alone. The mystery of the lonely chairs along with the charred walls and door are part of the intrigue that makes photographing these abandoned houses so appealing. These forgotten vignettes that leave me with so many questions also allows me the privilege of capturing, through my photography, their last days.
The 2nd house was covered in vines with the screen door standing open as if inviting us in. This one time home is in the last days for sure. The floors were a little unsteady and the kitchen floor and most of the roof were gone. Once again two different rooms had chairs in them that conjure up mystery and a sense of wonder on how they are actually in better condition than everything around them. As you can tell from some of the photos (links below) my new goal is to try to capture the light falling on these forgotten pieces that I hope conveys the mood in that moment.
I’m left wondering who lived here, what happened and how did some furniture get left behind? This is the draw that keeps me looking and photographing abandoned places as well as trying to find beauty in what may seem unappealing or imperfect…after all don’t we just love the intrigue?
Thanks Joy for inviting me to tag along and Jim, so glad we finally we got to shoot together! It was a great time.

Huntersville House  1861.jpgHuntersville House  1862.jpgHuntersville House  1863.jpgHuntersville House  1864.jpgHuntersville House  1865.jpgHuntersville House  1866.jpgHuntersville House  1867.jpgHuntersville House  1868.jpgHuntersville House  1869.jpgHuntersville House  1870.jpg

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