Seeing a Forest in the Sand

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We recently spent a week with my sister, her husband and granddaughter on Topsail Island. The next to the last day there I decided to get up really early and take my last walk. I was looking down at the shells picking up some that caught my eye for possible macro work. I was almost at the pier when I noticed all the incredible “pieces of art” that the ocean had made on the sand. The sun was just up enough to make some great shadows on the sand and make the “trees” stand out.

I was about a 1/2 mile away from my camera, yes I had left it behind because I hadn’t seen anything really worth shooting. I knew by the time I walked back to the house and made the trek back, the sun would be too high, and the tide would wash everything away.

We were planning on leaving that afternoon, but we decided that we would wait so I could get up and try to get some shots the next day.

Next morning we were up early and David went with me to see what we could find. At first I thought it was going to be a bust because the area I had been the morning before didn’t have anything. David walked past the pier and shouted at me to come look and see if this is what I was looking for. I was excited to see the “art” was there, different of course, but the ocean had left its handiwork.

It was a little difficult to stand in the wet sand and try to stay still so some shots are not as sharp as I would like and I would not even attempt to try a tripod because of the legs sinking in the sand. Who needs a water destroyed camera??

I hope you enjoy these and are as fascinated as I was. Mother Nature is indeed the master artist!

c21-Topsail 12.jpgc24-Topsail 1.jpgc3-Topsail 14.jpgc45-Topsail 2.jpgc47-Topsail 6.jpgc52-Topsail 16.jpgc55-Topsail 5.jpgc6-Topsail 15.jpgc60-Topsail 3.jpgc64-Topsail 8.jpgc8-Topsail 11.jpgc86-Topsail 4.jpgc86-Topsail 9.jpgc9-Topsail 7.jpgc93-Topsail 10.jpgc98-Topsail 13.jpg

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  1. denise September 29, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    Great eye for this one Terie!

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