A Walk Through History With a Good Friend

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Well here we are at the end of another year and I have been lax at writing about the last couple of trips and what they brought as far as photography.

These last few months have seemed like a whirlwind of the ups and downs of life personally and photography wise. I’ve taken some great short trips that have yielded some not so great photography but hopefully some valuable lessons in technique as well as patience and lots of fun.

My first trip to Brunswick County in November:

My friend and sometime mentor, Scott and I took a trip to his family’s homestead in Brunswick County.
For those of you that know Scott, he is a wealth of information and now I know he’s a great tour guide.

He took me to some of the interesting areas including Old Smithville Cemetery in Historic Southport. There are some really old graves(1700’s) here with unique head stones. We tried to catch this an sunset to see if we could get some cool effects among the graves.

We rode the ferry from Fort Fisher to Southport and saw some really big ships. Kure Beach Pier where I saw some Pelicans close up. Scott took me to the ruins of colonial Brunswick Town, North Carolina, the Civil War-era Fort Anderson, St. Philip’s Church Ruins, and the remains of Russellborough, the home of two colonial governors. It’s always humbling to walk down paths and see the remains of houses where the people who started our country lived. One interesting note, there is only the foundations left and I have to tell you they were small. I guess they didn’t need much back then, kitchen, place to eat and sleep.

The funniest place we visited was Fort Apache in Supply or Varnamtown (you’ll know which photos). That place was crazy from the outside, so one can only imagine what was on the inside. The guys from American Pickers even paid them a visit.

We had a lively conversation about driving to Atalaya Castle. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive and I had been driving for 3 days so I really didn’t want to go. However he kept tempting me with in depth descriptions of the place and the history. I cannot believe I never knew about this place. It had the most unusual architecture for our area, especially back then. I’m thankful Scott talked me into going here, plus we had the added bonus of KK Hot and Now sign being on in Garden City…oh yeah!!

We dabbled in some night photography from their family pier. My photos are not as good as I wanted, but it was my first time. Scott as usual, got a little irritated at me because I couldn’t understand some mathematical equation that he was trying to explain. You know me, I just laughed and proceeded to plow my way through…creative mind vs the analytical mind. That’s why we’re such good friends. He’s finally learned I’m going to pry into that big ole brain and not to get aggravated because I ask some questions more than once. I know that he’s going to know something about everything, alot about photograph, have the final say… but I can always make him laugh.

Thanks Scott for a great little 4 day get-a-way!

Brunswick Co. 30.jpgBrunswick Co. 27.jpgBrunswick Co. 28.jpgBrunswick Co. 25.jpgBrunswick Co. 26.jpgBrunswick Co. 29.jpgBrunswick Co. 31.jpgBrunswick Co. 4.jpgBrunswick Co. 1.jpgBrunswick Co. 14.jpgBrunswick Co. 15.jpgBrunswick Co. 16.jpgBrunswick Co. 36.jpgBrunswick Co. 37.jpgBrunswick Co. 38.jpgBrunswick Co. 18.jpgBrunswick Co. 17.jpgBrunswick Co. 20.jpgBrunswick Co. 19.jpgBrunswick Co. 21.jpgBrunswick Co. 24.jpgBrunswick Co. 22.jpgBrunswick Co. 23.jpgBrunswick Co. 10.jpgBrunswick Co. 11.jpgBrunswick Co. 6.jpgBrunswick Co. 7.jpgBrunswick Co. 2.jpgBrunswick Co. 32.jpgBrunswick Co. 33.jpgBrunswick Co. 35.jpg

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