Another Trip to Old Car City

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It really is hard to process over 4000 old cars in various states of decomposition, scattered around 35 acres of land.  This time I was determined to get to the back portion and see what treasures it would hold, since I spent all of my 6 hours the last time in one small section.


Maxine Gordon, a friend I that is part of Charlotte Photography Group, and I got up early, excited about the day ahead.  We headed to the Wes Mans Cafe to meet up with all the other photographers.  Excitement was in the air.   Max and I gathered up all our equipment and headed to the “back 40” hoping to see some 30’s and 40’s (which are my very favorites).


The one thing I hadn’t really thought through was the weather.  You’re probably thinking, oh no rain…I wish!  The sky was bright blue, no clouds in site with beautiful bright sunshine.  NOT GOOD!  This place is full of Georgia Pines which cast deep shadows.  It was really harsh light.  We needed a softbox the size of Texas, or an overcast sky.  It really made photographing a challenge.


The outcome for me was I ended up shooting very tight shots of parts of the cars.  It was almost impossible for me to get any full body shots because of the sun.  Having said that, this was a lesson in patience for me.  I was having to study the cars, look for a close up that I wanted and take my time.  Not a bad lesson to learn but it wasn’t the place I wanted to learn it!


6 hours later, tired, back aching from bending over so much, and tired of whining about the sun, Max and I met up and headed back to the car.  On this trip I did learn, I want an overcast sky, you could even throw in a little light rain if you like.  Patience in photography is something I need to master and always check the view behind you.


Max and I took some back roads on the way home and had a great time.  Driving through a little town named Westminister, I spotted something strange.  As we rounded a corner I saw this nice water tower with the towns name and a bright red apple.  As I looked closer it appeared like there were black objects on the top and around every rail.  I said “Max check that out, what do you think it is”?  As we got closer it became obvious it was black birds.  “Pull over, pull over” I shouted. because this is the craziest things I’ve ever seen.  There wasn’t a square inch that didn’t have a bird on it and there were more circling around to get a spot.  Max was having a good laugh at me because I just kept saying “this is crazy, really crazy”.   I took lots of photos of that.


It was a great trip and I know it’s hard to believe but I can’t wait to go back.  However, I think I’ll skip next year and take a photography group to an abandoned place near Baltimore.  Stay tuned…

OCC Nov 2.jpgOCC Nov 19.jpgOCC Nov 17.jpgOCC Nov 16.jpgOCC Nov 10.jpgOCC Nov 11.jpgOCC Nov 23.jpgOCC Nov 12.jpgOCC Nov 20.jpgOCC Nov 21.jpgOCC Nov 18.jpgOCC Nov 14.jpgOCC Nov 15.jpgOCC Nov 24.jpgOCC Nov 25.jpgOCC Nov 27.jpgOCC Nov 26.jpgOCC Nov 30.jpgOCC Nov 13.jpgOCC Nov 22.jpgOCC Nov 32.jpgOCC Nov 31.jpgOCC Nov 1.jpgOCC Nov 28.jpgOCC Nov 29.jpgOCC Nov 3.jpgOCC Nov 33.jpgOCC Nov 34.jpgOCC Nov 35.jpgOCC Nov 36.jpgOCC Nov 37.jpgOCC Nov 38.jpgOCC Nov 39.jpgOCC Nov 4.jpgOCC Nov 40.jpgOCC Nov 41.jpgOCC Nov 42.jpgOCC Nov 43.jpgOCC Nov 44.jpgOCC Nov 45.jpgOCC Nov 46.jpgOCC Nov 47.jpgOCC Nov 48.jpgOCC Nov 49.jpgOCC Nov 5.jpgOCC Nov 50.jpgOCC Nov 51.jpgOCC Nov 52.jpgOCC Nov 53.jpgOCC Nov 6.jpgOCC Nov 7.jpgOCC Nov 8.jpgOCC Nov 9.jpg

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