Aging Gracefully

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Dublin, Georgia likes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! One of the festivities was a small car show. David and I decided to check it out.

I got a little excited when I saw a couple of gems that I thought I might enjoy photographing and that’s when the problems or should I say challenge began…

Now here I am in a parking lot full of shiny, restored cars.  It was a fairly nice day, with bright sunshine and lots of people milling around.  Did I say lots of people?  Now trees and inanimate objects are one thing, but people, now that’s a challenge.  They were always in the way and you can’t just ask them to move along, although I sure wanted to a couple of times.


I realized my thought process would have to be different from the way I normally shoot which always makes for a good challenge!  I have two elements I have to work around – people and bright, reflecting light.  In some cases I just had to get in close and get some tight shots, trying to eliminating the people, and reducing the reflections from the sun and shiny surfaces.


There were two highlights of the day for me.  The first was a ’58 Ford Skyline hardtop convertible.  This car brought back memories of my hometown, Pineville, NC and a boy that was an excellent hunter and outdoorsman and who taught me to love the woods and nature.  Picture this.. Jimmy, 4 bird dogs, and me with the top down, going quail hunting!


The second highlight was the 1966 GTO.   I’ll never forget the first time I ever saw one.  Let’s just say the guy driving it is still my friend today.  Other than my 1966 Ford Mustang with wire wheels, I thought that ’66 GTO, (Ronnie’s was gold) was the coolest car I had ever seen.


As for old vs restored…well I guess I just can’t help myself, I love the “junk” and through my photography hope you will too.  I was told by the guy with the ’58 Skyliner that there would be a bigger show in Statesboro, Ga. next month, I might just have to check it out!

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