Happy Accidents

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A photograph of a beautiful old house not far from Shelby, NC, caught my attention recently, so my husband, David, and I decided to take a little road trip and see if we could find it.
We struck out on our adventure and what do you know, happy accident after happy accident we ended up right beside it.
The first happy accident was the chance discovery of an old cotton mill. Being a girl from Pineville, NC, I grew up with a cotton gin practically in my front yard. I had to stop and see if the gin was still functioning. The second happy accident was the turn that took us towards the gin, took us right beside the house we were looking for!
Unfortunately, the dreaded “NO TRESPASSING” signs were posted at the driveway. This house was enormous and appeared, by the architecture to be turn of the century.  Looking at this enormous house tucked into this beautiful setting had my heart pounding.  As I stood on the street taking a couple of photos, two older women walked by. They told us the house had been abandoned for many years, but had recently gotten a new owner. They happened to know that the father of the new owner lived close by and gave us directions.
The father of the owner was apprehensive. He told me I could take some photos, but I couldn’t put them on the internet. Seems a photographer had taken some photos and put them on the internet marking the house as abandoned. To the owners, this seemed like putting a target on the house, making it attractive to someone that might want to cause mischief in an abandoned house. He did appreciate me asking first, but I left dejected and feeling I had missed an opportunity to photograph a very interesting house.
We drove on to the cotton gin and had some better luck. The foreman was happy to let me snap a few photos. The sights and smells of the cotton and the building brought back memories from my childhood.
The next happy accident was a glimpse of an old Mustang in a barn. David did a u-turn and back we went to see if we could find someone at home, and hopefully we would get a better reception. After knocking several times, a lady came to the door. When I asked if I could photograph the car, she asked why I would have an interest in the car. I told her that I had once owned a ’66 Mustang, and I was just intrigued with the way it was poking out of this enormous barn.
Turns out she was the third owner of the car and bought it her senior year in college. It continued to serve her as she drove back and forth to UNCG while getting her Master’s Degree. As life tends to get in the way, the Mustang was parked tobe restored another day. Well, the other day had arrived after 40 years! She was quite the storyteller and her colorful language caught me off guard!
As we were leaving, a guy stopped by to tell her that he would be coming to get the car tomorrow morning to start the restoration process…..now that’s serendipity!
Life really is an adventure, especially when you take the time to engage with people. Everyone and everything has a story. Question is, can you slow down long enough to find it?
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