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When Will I Learn?

Angel Independence-c83.jpg
I’ve been in South Louisiana for a month now visiting David and getting the new RV set up for him.

It’s been blazing hot and so humid here (anyone who knows me knows how I absolutely hate heat and humidity), that it has kept me from getting out and shooting as much as I should have.

When I first met David he was in Eunice, LA.  My first few days of rambling I saw some great thing I wanted to shoot, old cars and trucks as well as some old houses especially in Opelousas which is about 1/2 hour away from Eunice.  The plan was to be at this location for a month, so I kept putting off shooting waiting on the right time.  Well guess what?  That was a mistake because David came in the second Friday afternoon and said “well we’re leaving tomorrow and moving to Amite”, which is almost 2 hours away.

What??? but I have photos I need to take and roads I need to ride.  One of these days, and I think it is now, I will learn not to put off shooting something when I drive by it or stake it out thinking I’ll come back when the time is right.

The only time that is right is in the moment.  Weather changes, light changes, sometimes things disappear. As we head out of Eunice and into Opelousas, I almost cried seeing all the great things that I never shot and now never would.  Hindsight is my nemesis.  That ache is like loosing a lover and you’ve all been there so you know my pain.

When we got to Amite, I knew for sure that I would go to my favorite cemetery in Independence and shoot this little pair of angels.  This, I hoped, would ease my tortured creative soul from missing out on all the things I should have shot in Opelousas. There are lots os adornments on the graves in Independence, especially in the older section and this pair of angels just speak to me.

So one morning at 6:30 Remy and I headed out to Independence. I waited until the sun started peeking over the tree line because I wanted the sun rays to hit her head just right so I got the photo you will see at the top of this post.  After I got home and went through the shots I had taken there were a few I took before the sunrise that I really liked so I decided to turn them into some digital fine art with some angel quotes.

I am happy to say that the owner of Circa 1857, Sally Fox Conklin was so pleased with my first piece that she wanted me to send her more.  So these angels will be at Circa 1857 in Baton Rouge, LA., where my other piece is currently hanging.  You can also buy these on my blog under the BUY PRINTS button sub tab fine art.

The moral of this story is always keep your camera or phone ready at all times because if something catches your eye, stop, turn around, back up do whatever you need to to get the shot.  It might not translate like you want it to once you look back at it, BUT it could be the shot that is a once in a lifetime photo.

PS  I did go back to Opelousas and take some photos of those old cars and truck so stay tuned for that post!

Angel Independence.jpgAngel White.jpgAngel with quote.jpgGold Angel .jpg
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