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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky…

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Patience: Do I Have Enough?

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Seeing a Forest in the Sand

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A Love Defined

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Ok, how do I start this? I’ve been reluctant to write a blog post about our Florida vacation that was a total photography bust because some of you have already heard enough. I keep wishing we could have a “do-over”, but that’s not going to happen. However, I’ve had time to digest it all, and there are some things I learned, and that’s always a good thing.We had 11 nights, starting in Savannah, GA. From there we were heading south to several destinations in Florida. I had a new camera, new territories to explore, and I could already see all the great photographs I would have when we returned home.
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A Weekend Living Murphy’s Law

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In 1949,Capt. Edward A. Murphy declared after a frustrating day, “If there is any way to do it wrong, he’ll find it”. The law later became known as “Murphy’s Law – If anything can go wrong, it will”.

Well, this past weekend I experienced Murphy’s Law on a level I never want to experience again! This post is longer than usual but I think you will understand once you get started (be sure you read until the end). Grab a cuppa and see how many times I run into Murphy!

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A Funny Thing Happened…

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Hidden Treasures

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Autumn’s Sentinels

I feel as if fall was an illusive moment for me this year. It seems I was chasing her from the mountains to home and never seemed to quite find what I was looking for. Possibly my problem was, since I have become so fascinated with nature photography these days, that I was looking so hard for one particular thing that I literally missed everything. It’s a little like that old adage “you can’t see the forest for the trees”. I was looking for that one incredible photo when the world around me was ablaze with opportunities.
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Say Goodbye

That’s right, time to say good bye to this little face until next spring when it peeps back out again. I had so much fun photographing the dahlias this summer and fall. My BIL John introduced me to a sweet woman Karen, who raises them in the a beautiful place nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have never seen such remarkable dahlias, some as big as a saucer. It was a colorful feast for the senses and I was in heaven.
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