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Aging Gracefully

Car Show 2.jpg
Dublin, Georgia likes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! One of the festivities was a small car show. David and I decided to check it out.

I got a little excited when I saw a couple of gems that I thought I might enjoy photographing and that’s when the problems or should I say challenge began…
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Another Trip to Old Car City

OCC Nov 23.jpg
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A Special Moment

As many of you now know, I have found inspiration for my photography in old abandoned things and places. My love for this type of photography comes from the minute and delicate and sometimes “ugly” life that surrounds us but is often overlooked. From my previous post you know that I had one of those extreme inspired shoots at Old Car City USA, a junkyard of abandoned automobiles and trucks.

Recently during one of our morning Coffee & Sharing photographer meetup events that I host, I had an encounter that caught me off guard and humbled me.
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Found: Abandoned Auto Heaven

OCC org 24.jpg
This past week-end I was in “abandoned auto heaven”. 4000 vintage cars and trucks in a junkyard that is 80 years old on 35 acres.

I hosted 17 die hard photographers to Old Car City in White, Ga. We arrived on Friday night and woke up to rain on Saturday morning that looked like it was in for the day. I was more than a little concerned since we had driven almost 5 hours to get there. We met for breakfast and just as we were finishing up the sun peeked out and the rain stopped. We had great cloud cover which made for perfect photography.
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